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Innovation Rising to New Heights

Big Block’s innovative retaining wall line combines superior performance with natural stone aesthetics. Big Block precast retaining wall units are quickly becoming the product of choice for commercial, residential, multi-family, highway, and water applications alike. Big Block is a wet-cast segmental retaining wall system that is engineered to last. Our revolutionary locking system and massive units allows engineered retaining walls to be constructed with or without geogrid reinforcement while providing the ability to implement a variety of eye-catching curves, planters, corners and more.

Big Block can solve your retaining wall needs!

MASSIVE unit at 6 SF (18” x 48”) facing.

VERSATILE depths and mass 24”(1,600 lbs.), 45”(2,900 lbs.).

ENGINEERED with innovative locking system.

GRAVITY walls up to 14’ without geogrid.

INSTALLATION is quick and easy with light equipment.

NATURAL stone appearance and unlimited color options.

DURABLE wet-cast air-entrained concrete with min 3,000 PSI

FLEXIBLE turning radius of approximately 13’.

HEAVY duty yet light weight forms.

Big Block, Inc
P.O.Box 3208
Kansas City, KS 66103-3208


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